'SAP Signavio' is positioned as a Leader in the 2024 SPARK MatrixTM for Digital Twin of an Organization by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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Monday, April 22, 2024 at 10:05am UTC

'SAP Signavio' is positioned as a Leader in the 2024 SPARK MatrixTM for Digital Twin of an Organization by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

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  • The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions SPARK Matrix™ provides competitive analysis & ranking of the Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) vendors
  • SAP Signavio, with its comprehensive technology and customer experience management, has received the highest ratings across the parameters of technology excellence and customer impact

MIDDLETON Mass., April 22, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Quadrant Knowledge Solutions announced today that it has named SAP Signavio as a 2024 leader in the SPARK MatrixTM analysis of the global Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) market.


The Quadrant Knowledge Solutions' SPARK Matrix™: Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) includes a detailed analysis of global market dynamics, major trends, vendor landscape, and competitive positioning. The study provides competitive analysis and ranking of the leading technology vendors in the form of its SPARK MatrixTM. The study offers strategic information for users to evaluate different provider capabilities, competitive differentiation, and market position.

According to Sofia Ali, Associate Director and Principal Analyst at Quadrant Knowledge Solutions, "SAP's integration of SAP Signavio and LeanIX into its Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) platform enables organizations to achieve digital transformation seamlessly. By leveraging SAP Signavio's process observability and LeanIX's technology observability, SAP provides a holistic approach to enhancing processes and deriving value through unified observability. This approach not only enables organizations to virtually represent their architecture and capabilities but also facilitates continuous improvement and automation of operational processes through AI-powered simulations. SAP's robust vision and focused strategy, coupled with the development of large process models, promise to deliver AI-driven transformation services that enhance insights, recommendations, and governance. Overall, SAP's continued enhancement of its DTO platform underscores its commitment to empowering organizations with the tools needed to thrive in an increasingly digital world. "adds Sofia

"The Digital Twin market continues to expand as our customers grapple with the constant and ongoing need to explore new opportunities, test new business models, and respond to customer, market, and environmental changes," said Rouven Morato, General Manager, SAP Signavio & LeanIX. "It's obvious that changing a business process impacts the underlying IT landscape, and changing the IT landscape requires changing business processes. In a world of ongoing volatility, the ability to map interactions across business processes and IT architecture gives leaders the confidence they need to drive change and create new opportunities. With our DTO capabilities and our emerging AI functionality, our customers can test new scenarios quickly and safely. Depending on short term and long term goals, our solutions provide value driven insights, tailored guidance, and enhanced clarity."

Quadrant Knowledge Solutions defines Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) solutions as the virtual representation of an organizational process, system, people, applications, domains, services, and business & operating model. It achieves this by collecting data from operational and business processes, enhancing process performance over its lifecycle through simulations aimed at addressing issues impacting organizational processes. This assists enterprise architect and business strategists in prioritizing, planning, monitoring, guiding, analyzing, predicting, and making data driven strategic decisions to meet customer demands and business objectives. By offering a comprehensive view of the entire organizational structure, encompassing diverse processes and applications, DTO solutions provide real-time business insights, adaptability to changes, and facilitate optimal resource allocation to enhance speed and efficiency, thereby delivering enhanced customer value.

DTO solutions emphasize conducting thorough, organization-wide simulations for generating insights. To automate insight generation from a DTO solution, an AI model can be trained on process simulation data to automatically test future scenarios, discover workflow patterns, and predict outcomes. Advancements in AI focus on providing reinforcement machine learning, enabling business decision makers to simulate human creativity in what-if scenarios. Furthermore, AI vendors offer AI-powered search and knowledge management, as well as discovery and creation of process models, streamlining structured processes.

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About SAP Signavio

SAP Signavio solutions (part of SAP) help companies accelerate each phase of any transformation project, allowing them to prepare faster, deploy faster, and realize continuous value. As a market leader in business process transformation, customers look to us to provide clarity and guidance on how to improve operations, processes, and outcomes.

Our unique portfolio of solutions, methodologies, content, and data are designed to help customers create a culture of collaborative, data-driven, and ongoing process improvement. SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Suite is built to strengthen collaboration across business and IT, connect business strategy to daily operations, and create adaptable and sustainable businesses. SAP is offering DTO solution through SAP Signavio Process Transformation Suite and LeanIX Enterprise Architecture (acquired 2023). For more information visit www.signavio.com

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